Overview of MLM Matrix Plan

MLM Matrix plan is growth oriented business plan, it’s also known as Ladder plan or Forced Matrix. Matrix plan has defined Width or row and Depth or column. Matrix plan limits the number of referrals you can do which will be equal to it’s Width. Because of it’s forced matrix nature Networker motivates to increase their downline.
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If you will ask any Matrix plan MLM company about their plan they will tell you we have 3*9 Matrix. So, what do they mean by 3*9? Here, 3 stands for Width and 9 stands for Depth. Networker can have 3 members in his/her 1st level of matrix. And he/she can have 9 levels in matrix. Most common Width and Depth in MLM Matrix plan are 2*2, 4*7, 5*7, 3*9 and 2*12.
Nowadays, many companies follow global autofill model for their MLM Matrix business. Global autofill follows top to bottom, left to right pattern. Your matrix will be filled with this pattern only doesn’t matter new joining are from your team or not. YAKS Group has developed many global autofill MLM matrix plan for MLM companies.
As we have discussed global autofill, it will be easy to understand Sponsor Autofill. Sponsor autofill also follows the top to bottom, left to right Matrix filling pattern. But, it will be from Networker’s team only not for all the joining of the company.

Types of incomes in MLM Matrix Plan

Sponsor/Direct Income

Sponsor or Direct income is income earned by referring someone in the system. For every direct referral, Networker gets paid by Sponsor income. Normally Sponsor/Direct income is Fixed amount of percentage of the package amount. In MLM Matrix plan companies have condition of compulsory Sponsors equal to their width.

Level Income

In MLM Matrix plan, level income is commission earned by completing levels of Matrix. For example, if company has 3*9 Matrix model then if Networker completes 2nd level then he/she will get “X” amount then after completing 3rd level he/she will get “X+Y” amount. In 2nd level Networker will require 9 members and 3rd level Networker will require 27 members.

Reward Income

MLM companies offer rewards of number of directs of number of levels completed. Basic funda of Reward income is to keep active Networker in MLM business.

Royalty Income

Royalty income can be offered in many ways. Most common way is sharing percentage turn over of company with the person if he/she achieve specific condition. MLM company’s stare 1% to 10% as Royalty income for Networker.


Advantages of MLM Matrix Plan

Great Earning

Matrix plan allows MLM company as well MLM Networkers to earn handsome amount of money. MLM companies start earning with every single joining. Networker can earn instantly with all joining in downline.

Upline Downline Co-opeartion

As we have mentioned in Width and Depth explanation that MLM companies limit referral numbers by Width so Networker do spill over for their downline or motivates downline to increase their network.

Performance Driven Approach

MLM Matrix plan is pure performance driven business plan. Those who perform can earn unlimited.

Easy to Understand

When you explain any MLM Matrix company’s plan to someone it will not take more than 5 minutes. It’s so easy to explain and so easy to understand.

When the payments are transferred in MLM Matrix Plan?

Normally, MLM companies transfer payments Daily or Weekly or Monthly Basis. Even many companies provide option or user withdrawal, so user can withdrawal whenever he/she want.

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