Overview of MLM Board Plan

MLM Board plan is Limited version of Matrix plan so it’s also known as Matrix cycle plan or Revolving Matrix plan. Every board has their own number of Width and Depth and Networker can achieve board quickly by performing. 2x2 is widely used Board in MLM industry. Even 3x3, 3x2, 5x3 are also used by MLM companies for MLM Board plan.

If company is following 2x2 Board then Networker need to do 2 Sponsors and ask theirs sponsors to do 2 sponsors each. When this happens then we call it Board breaking and that particular networker goes to next board which can be same of bigger Matrix Board.

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What are different types of MLM Board Plan?

Single Board

Multi Board

Shuffling Board

Auto Filling Board

Manual Filling Board

Types of incomes in MLM Board Plan

Board Completion Income

Whenever Networker will complete the Board he/she will qualify for Board completion Income. Normally, MLM companies allocate 10% of package amount for Board completion Income. Boards can be 2x2, 3x2, 5x2, 3x3, etc.

Sponsor/Direct Income

Sponsor or Direct income is income earned by referring someone in the system. For every direct referral, Networker gets paid by Sponsor income. Normally Sponsor/Direct income is Fixed amount of percentage of the package amount. In MLM Board plan companies have condition of compulsory Sponsors equal to their width of Board.

Level Income

In MLM Board plan, level income is commission earned by completing levels of Board Matrix. For example, if company has 3x3 Board Matrix model then if Networker completes 2nd level then he/she will get “X” amount then after completing 3rd level he/she will get “X+Y” amount. In 2nd level Networker will require 9 members and 3rd level Networker will require 27 members.

Position Income

MLM companies offer rewards of number of directs of number of pairs matched. Basic funda of Rewards income is to keep active Networker in MLM business.

Royalty Income

MLM companies offer position bonus to encourage the networker to increase their MLM business quickly. If company has 5x5 Board then they offer income on every position completion of specific position in Board Matrix.

When the payments are transferred in MLM Board Plan?

Normally, MLM companies transfer payments Daily or Weekly or Monthly Basis. Even many companies provide option of user withdrawal, so user can withdrawal whenever he/she want.

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