With $100 Million+ of a total market capitalization, CryptoCurrency is attracting investors from all over the world. Initial Coin Offering(ICO) is a capital-increment activity in the Blockchain & Crypto atmosphere. It is a process that results in getting the investor a CryptoCoin in exchange for his investment. With no intermediary, the connections between the investor and company can be directly formed.

LBM Solutions provides you the opportunity to find your open-source software projects that traditionally face problems with finance. Our ICO Development Services use up-to-date technology along with our crypto developers who have years of expertise in the ICO Financing area. Our CustomizedICO Development Services make sure to give your project the right exposure and your coin capital the right raise!



Our organization recognizes the targets of acquiring money and generates the list of relevant materials required for the project for the investor.


These are the asset representatives. Tokens are generated using specific Blockchain platforms that suit your needs.


Promotion campaigns are run to lure investors.


Tokens are delivered to investors, and equivalent amounts of ICO services are launched to gain benefits.


100% Recovery

Unique access codes are generated by our developers to recover the token in case they're lost.

Data Protection

Numerous variable sequences are generated to cut short the chances of hacks.

Full Execution

Execution Rates of your investments are increased exponentially by the unique ICO tokens developed by us.

KYC Verified

Cybercrimes are demolished by integrated KYC Verification and validated documents.

Smart Contracts

Take your transactions & investments to the next level by collaborating with our Smart Contract.


Reducing the cyber frauds by our Decentralized tokes, LBM Blockchain Solution is the one you need!


Offering various facilities, our experienced coders understand you and your needs. We come out with the best strategies so that you can put your best foot forward in the Crypto World. Our Customized Blockchain Services offer you the assistance to make your project a success.

Community Links

Allowing you to grow and connect with your spectators.


LBM’s experts ensure your industry reaches the milestone it aspires for.

Optimized Tokens

Along with the preparation of your very own Blockchain platform, our developers create optimum tokens designed especially for you!


Less Competition

Since many owners still opt for traditional services, you can automatically be on top!

No Middleman

With no centralized party or multiple parties, the transactions can be done safely and with no commission.

For Everybody

Unlike ancient techniques, this advanced method is for anyone. You all can buy the token.

Global Purchase

ICO Development provides investors globally to invest in new coins.

Irrespect Location

You can raise funds via ICO from wherever you are located. Thus, independent of your location.

Instant Buy-ins

This efficient process allows the newly introduced coins to make their entry in the Crypto World in no time.


The advantages involved for everyone in ICO are the main reason for it gaining popularity.

Integrated Blockchain

With our customized blockchain solutions, reserve your platforms in various industries.

White-Paper Drafting

Effective & efficient services are provided with detailed and decision-changing whitepaper services.

Time-Based Roadmap

Our Crypto experts develop your desired strategy to predict your product’s journey.

Business Upgrowth

With effective marketing plans created by experts, see your business rise exponentially.

Crypto-coin Development Services

100% secured and privacy-first solutions are delivered for your safe entry into the Crypto World.



To launch your own ICO in no time, conduct extensive research, and choose the right ICO launch services company. Such companies will offer both pre and POST-ICO launch services that are quick and budget-friendly to get your ICO up to speed among existing competitors. Their services will also gain credibility among potential global investors for your project.
ICO development in the real world works just like the standard ICO but is used by actual physical endeavors. As ICO's are unregulated, traditional businesses adopt ICO for raising funds for their business at ease and with reduced costs. Also, ICO helps reduce the hassles of real-world regulatory frameworks, which are strict when compared to digital business.
Token development companies help you build a credible and profitable ICO to raise funds for your business. They take care of your ICO, from development to deployment of tokens for which the services are real-quick and cost-effective. They also customize your tokens according to your personal preferences.
he best ICO developers are in our team because they have immense experience and knowledge in the field. They offer reliable, customized ICO development services that are set to launch within two weeks. Their expertise helps with robust technical and security integrations that will raise huge funds for the business.
If you've seen your favorite actors and entertainers like Jamie fox and Ghostface Killah encouraging their followers to invest in a hot news ICO, you might want to take a closer look.
Just make sure to do your homework. Because IOCs are barely regulated, you need to be way more careful than you'd be when investing in an IPO. Read the white paper, research the team members, and make sure they have a history in cryptocurrency.